純素晚餐 Pop Up Vegan Dinner

We have always believed there is a close relationship between food and tableware, thus we do pay attention on how a tableware affects they way you eat.


在 2019 年 1 月 24-26 日,素謠連同純素廚師 Tiffany @SOULHOOKEDONFOOD ,純素甜品師 Yuki @THEVEGELAB 和 素食博客 Elaine @EGGPLANTDIARY 在香港上環的 GOOD GOOD GROCERY 舉行了一連三晚以香港本地農產品入饌的 8 道菜純素晚餐,我們則為菜式設計和製造食器,希望實行讓客人試用陶器的想法!
On 24-26 JAN 2019, Sowtale held an 8-courses pop up vegan dinner with vegan chef Tiffany @SOULDHOOKEDONFOOD, vegan pastry chef Yuki @THEVEGELAB and food blogger Elaine @EGGPLANYDIARY at GOOD GOOD GROCERY in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. Local farm produces were used in the dinner, while we tailor made tablewares which are most compatible to particular dishes; by then we could first realise the idea of "experiencing" the wares with food before buying them home!

Each styles of the wares were designed after discussed with the chef who's responsible to it. When we talked about the style, we all love the casual, comfy rustic style. So there they are, simple in style, with slight personalities but still keep the unity when putting together.