SOWVEGAN 餐具訂造 Custom Made

為 SOWVEGAN 製作餐具的最原先契機,是與 素謠 SOWTALE 名字有關。
The story of tailor making tablewares for SOWVEGAN starts with our brand names SOWTALE and SOWVEGAN.

還記得那時正在為 素謠 下一個陶器系列該要怎樣做而煩惱,也在盤算著以後要出去找些不同品牌合作,突然收到 SOWVEGAN 廚師 Pamela 的短訊,說想找我們製作餐具。
一直有留意 SOWVEGAN 這個品牌,也很欣賞她們的素食,每次都把食物的味道配搭得很好,也很好吃(因為後來我們也去品嚐了,真的好!滿!足!),心想假如有一天可以為這樣的品牌造餐具便好了!誰知在我們提出前便收到對方的詢問,當然十分興奮!
When we were designing the coming tableware series and wondering how to reach out more brand for collaborations, we got a message from Pamela, the chef of SOWVEGAN asking if we could make her brand some tablewares. 
"Oh My God, YESSS!" was the first reaction.
We've been following SOWVEGAN's social medias and we really appreciate how the brand combine different materials for a supper. The ways she plated and the taste (Yes we went for a trial and they were AMAZING!!) was so good, it is almost a compliment for us to custom make wares for such a brand. Then before we reached out we got the message, it was our honor!

 一開始我們有問 Pamela 為什麼會留意到素謠,她說是因為我們彼此間的品牌名字很相似。坦白說,當初我們留意到 SOWVEGAN 也是同一個原因:最先是上網搜尋一下 SOWTALE,看看會不會有同樣的品牌,結果搜尋出來的第一個結果便是 SOWVEGAN,世界有時真的有很多巧合的事情喔。
We asked why would you notice SOWTALE? Pamela said that was the similarity of our brands. Honestly, that is the same reason why we would follow SOWVEGAN: we searched on web to test if SOWTALE is a brand name that is used by no one, and the first result popped up was SOWVEGAN. Sometimes you have to believe in those coincidences are real. 

Pamela 是一個很有想法的廚師,她很清楚什麼形狀的器型能配合自身的品牌,同時也很欣賞本地陶藝品牌,所以同時找了三家工作室去製作餐具。現在我們的陶器可能不定時的在 SOWVEGAN 出現,大家也可以去看看她們選用的其他陶器,全部都很美呢!
Pamela knows very well on the styles and textures she want for her dishes. She also supports local ceramic brands, thus ordering wares from three local ceramic studios. Our tablewares might be used in SOWVEGAN, if you are interested in other ceramic products of other studios, go check them out too! They all are stunning!